If your review hasn't been made public, it may be because it does not follow Vinterior’s guidelines. You can amend your feedback to make it more suitable for public view.

Here are the guidelines that explain what we will not publicly publish: 

  1. It’s harmful or illegal (Hate speech or discrimination, terrorism, threats, violence, or uses obscenities)
  2. It includes personal or private information.
  3. It’s advertising or promotional.
  4. It’s not related to a genuine experience.
  5. It concerns a third party outside of the seller’s control, such as Vinterior.
  6. It undermines the integrity of Vinterior’s seller reviews system.

How to write a good review: 

Writing a detailed seller review is a great way to help other potential buyers stay informed, as well as an opportunity to give the seller some valuable feedback.

Vinterior Tips:

  • Write about the service provided by the seller.
  • Describe the quality of the item, try and be as detailed as you can.
  • Give the seller useful and constructive feedback.
  • Keep the tone of your review calm and friendly.
  • Always add whether you are a repeat customer.
  • Would you recommend them? Note this down.
  • Remember always to proofread your review.

If you see a review on Vinterior that is not suitable for public view, please do report it by emailing info@vinterior.co.

Please note that negative reviews that adhere to Vinterior’s policies will not be removed. At this time, any ratings that do not appear publicly will not affect a seller's review score.