Congratulations on placing your order! 


What will happen next?

  1. The seller will confirm the availability (within 72hours).

  2. The seller will then dispatch your item, and you will receive an email notifying you of this with any additional delivery information.

Note: if the order is not confirmed within 72 hours, it will be automatically cancelled and your payment will be refunded. Due to the nature of this refund, it might be the case that you will not see funds being added to your account but rather the initial payment will be dropped from your bank statement. 


Do you require further information?

If you wish to contact the seller for a delivery update or have any further questions, please send them a message by following these steps: 


  • Log in to your Vinterior account.
  • Go to My Inbox in the top right-hand corner dropdown options list.


  • Go to My Orders and click on the relevant orders.
  • Click "Contact Seller" or "See Thread"

Need to send some photographs?

  • Attach the photographs with the ‘Choose File” button next to the “Send” button directly on the Vinterior platform via the conversation. 
  • Please do not send them via email via the automated notification you will receive for any messages.

Vinterior Tip:
When the seller replies, it will leave a thread so you can come back to it for reference. You should also be notified via an automated Vinterior email when the seller gets in touch.