By selling on Vinterior, you automatically agree to our Return Policy. If your buyer is UK-based, they can return an item 14 days after they have received the Goods. Please note that this 14-day deadline does not apply (and is extended to 1 month) for misleading or damaged items as per European Consumer Law.

How to handle returns

There are two main types of returns on Vinterior:

  1. Change of mind from the buyers - Buyer’s responsibility.
  2. Item unfit for purpose - Your responsibility as a seller.

1. Change of mind from the buyers - Returns will be the Buyer’s responsibility if they:

  • Did not look at the listing information properly (item state, dimensions, description).
  • The item did not fit in their home.
  • They changed their mind about the item.
  • Asked to cancel an order after it is marked as dispatched on Vinterior.

Rules that apply:

  • The buyer is responsible for paying and organising the return delivery.
  • Vinterior will still pay you the original non-refundable delivery fee.

2. Item unfit for purpose - Returns will be your responsibility as a seller in cases where the item is:

  • Damaged in transit.
  • Lost in transit.
  • Inaccurately listed.
  • Not updated to being dispatched on Vinterior, and the buyer cancelled their order.

Rules that apply:

  • The seller is responsible for paying and organising return delivery.
  • The buyer is entitled to a full refund, including the original delivery fee.

Vinterior Return Tips:

  • Try not to get frustrated: if the buyer sends pictures of a damaged item or an item they feel doesn’t match the description, they are unhappy with their experience.
  • Don’t push back: the right to return is European Law, and there is not much we can do. It is part of selling/buying online. Rest assured; the return rate is low on Vinterior!
  • Try offering partial compensation: An easy solution for returns is often for the buyer to keep their item for a partial refund to have it fixed.

The buyer has returned the item to me. What next?

As a protective measure for sellers, Vinterior asks that sellers receive all returns before refunding buyers. When you receive the item, please inform Vinterior via email or on the order conversation within 24 hours.

If Vinterior has already paid you for the order, we will refund the buyer, and you will be invoiced accordingly. Vinterior does not collect commission on cancelled or returned orders. Vinterior will send you an invoice and ask you to return the payment, less our commission. We trust you to send the funds as soon as the invoice is received.

The buyer has returned a damaged item to me. What next?

As a marketplace, Vinterior will protect you if you receive a damaged item.

Here are the best next steps:

  1. Take photographs of the damage.
  2. Notify Vinterior immediately and, in the right circumstances, the buyer.
  3. Send the pictures to or via the order conversation on Vinterior.
  4. Let Vinterior and the buyer know if you can fix the item and whether you are willing to negotiate compensation.
  5. Based on individual circumstances, you can return damaged items to buyers.

Vinterior’s return policy states: “Vinterior will not be able to process the refund, and the seller may have to send it back to you (and ask you to cover the delivery costs) [...] Vendors may refuse a return of an item if it has been altered by the Customer in any way.”