To clarify curation guidelines, here is a list of categories unavailable on Vinterior for listing new items. Please note that this list of categories includes but is not limited to the items listed below and is frequently reviewed and updated.

Why does Vinterior have this policy?

Vinterior aims to curate the best available selection of comtemporary, vintage and antique furniture, art, and home decor items. Our team has carefully reviewed the list of categories provided below for a series of reasons. One of these reasons is to focus on the most performant categories on Vinterior and where we can make the most sales impact for you.

What is the policy?

CategoryThis includes but is not limited to
Fashion articlesAll fashion and clothing items
Jewellery and WatchesAll different types of jewellery and watches
Small collectable ItemsMedallions, Coins, Postcards, Stamps
Gardening and Building MaterialsAgriculture and farming tools, Gardening tools and equipment,  Radiators and their accessories, Bathroom sanitary fixtures, Wallpaper
WeaponsAll weapons and ammunition, walking sticks
VehiclesVehicles with an engine and Bicycles
ElectronicsAll electronic appliances, phones. Speakers and radios. All musical instruments except pianos.
BooksAll Books, newspapers and journals
Skulls and BonesSkeletons, Skulls, Anatomical Mannequins
Other ObjectsPens, Seals, Binoculars, Trophy Cups
TaxidermyEndangered species, Pets, Animals found in zoos, Dinosaur Fossils, Coral, Teeth (Whale Teeth), Ivory items produce post-1947. Find out more on this category here:

Additional Products That Are Not Published On The Site:

Items containing asbestos, like planters or tiles, can't be listed on Vinterior. Find out more on health risks linked to Asbestos
Adult ProductsItems displaying nudity will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by our curation team and may not be published on the site.
DiscriminationItems that promote or glorify hatred, violence, or discrimination against a group of individuals are not allowed.

If your item does not fall into these categories and was not listed on the site, please email info@vinterior.coand we can review your listing.