If you cannot find your order on the Vinterior, it is likely because you check out as a guest buyer without making an account on the platform. This means that your order will not be connected to a Vinterior account and that you cannot contact the seller to communicate with them regarding your order.


Having a Vinterior account allows the following;
  • Communication with the seller
  • Seeing the status of your order
  • The ability to create wish lists

Steps to log into Vinterior to view your order:

To connect your order to your account, please email us at info@vinterior.co and provide us with the order reference number and the email address you have used to create an account on Vinterior. Once your order is connected to your account, you will be able to view your order in your account and perform the actions above. 

Vinterior Tip:

For guidance on how to contact a seller, please see the following article ifClick Here