On the rare occasion that your item delivered by Proovia arrives damaged, please follow the steps in this article.

What items can a claim be raised on?

If the customer is based in the UK, Vinterior can help them raise a return claim for a damaged item until 14 days after receiving the Goods.

Steps to raise a claim:

  1. The buyer reports the damage immediately to the Proovia driver and rejects the delivery if they do not want the item
  2. The buyer requests a return via their Vinterior account
  3. The buyer posts photographs of the damaged item on the order messaging thread or sends them via email to deliverysupport@vinterior.co
  4. Vinterior arranges for Proovia to return the item to you
  5. After the item is returned to you by Proovia, please confirm its condition and inform Vinterior how much the damages will cost to repair
  6. Vinterior then refunds the buyer for the item fee and the delivery costs, and Proovia will pay you, the seller, for the costs incurred for the damaged item directly.

Vinterior Tips:

  • Need the small print? Here is a link to the Vinterior Return Policy and Proovia's T&Cs (5 minutes to read).
  • In cases of returns for damage in transit, the process will remain as usual for sellers and buyers on Vinterior, and Proovia will then compensate the seller.
  • Should we decide to partially refund the buyer to have an item fixed, Vinterior would claim the difference with Proovia.