Vinterior is a startup company that creates all features from scratch. As we create new and update exciting features, there can be some glitches.

If you think you have spotted a technical issue:

Please follow this checklist of instructions before reporting the issue to the team: 

  1. Have you tried logging out and back into your account?

  2. Have you cleared the data on your browser or tried using an alternative. browser? The browsers we recommend are Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

  3. Is your device updated to the latest software? 

  4. Have you tried rebooting your device?

If you did not manage to resolve the technical issue after the instructions above:

You can contact Vinterior and provide as much information on the issue as possible.

Please include:

  • Screenshots and annotations where necessary
  • The browser and device you used
  • The steps you followed to get there
  • What you were expecting to do

Vinterior Note:

Sometimes an issue arises which did not previously exist. 

We ask that you are patient with the team and that you follow the steps offered at the start of this article before reporting the issue.