This article explains why sometimes you are not able to purchase an item on our site. An item is not available to purchase if the listing appears as being:

  1. Sold
  2. Unavailable item
  3. The seller is on Holiday.


1. Sold items:

The item was sold on the Vinterior site or externally. As the majority of items are unique, they tend to be sold quickly. Our sellers add listings on a daily basis to the site, so something similar will be available on Vinterior. 

2. Unavailable items or the Seller is on Holiday:


When you see these banners on the product, the item has been temporarily reserved for another buyer or that the seller is not available to confirm your order and arrange delivery at the moment. You can decide to wait or look for alternatives.

Vinterior Tips:

  1. ‘More Items from this Seller’: At the bottom of the listing, you can see ‘More Items from this Seller' to find similar results.
  2. 'Ask the Seller': You can still contact the seller by clicking the 'Ask the Seller' button. You can directly ask the seller if they have any alternatives in storage. 
  3. Save Search: You can save searches on Vinterior so that you can quickly access item types that you are interested in. Just click on the 'Save Search' button at the top of the search performed on the site. 
  4. Newsletter updates: If you have expressed interest in a type of item (style, date of manufacture), sign up for our Vinterior newsletter, where you will receive similar suggested items.