At Vinterior, we have an auto-put-on-hold tool to help to reduce cancellations on Vinterior. This article goes through how the tool works and how you can set your item back as available if it is put on hold. 

Cancellation facts 

Cancellations are orders which are cancelled after a purchase, most often by the seller. The most common cancellation reason is that the item is no longer available for sale.

How our auto-put-on-hold tool works 

  • Once a listing has reached 2 months old on the platform, we will automatically put it on hold and send you an email notification.
  • You will then need to review the listing and set your item as available on your listings page.
  • This process will repeat every 2 months.

How to set your item back as available

  • If your item is on hold and you want to set it back as available, please go to your listings page.
  • On your listings page, hover over the listing you wish to set as available.
  • Click 'release' to set your item as available and publish it back on your storefront.

Why does Vinterior have this tool?

There's nothing more disappointing as a buyer than having your order cancelled after you've made a purchase. With this tool, we hope to reduce the chance of this happening whilst also increasing the number of successful sales for our sellers.

Please note that this tool is not a replacement for keeping your inventory up-to-date, but a backup to help support you in doing so. Please continue to frequently review your inventory and mark any items sold elsewhere as sold on Vinterior. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at