Most of our sellers sell on several online platforms and in store.

The seller might be unresponsive for different reasons:

  • Getting the answer to your question might take some time

  • The seller is momentarily unavailable (Weekend, holidays…)

  • The seller forgot to get back to you


Vinterior expects our sellers to reply to you within 24 hours. 

TIPS for an effective communication

  • Ensure that you have a thread of correspondence to the seller via Vinterior

  • Review delivery information left by the sellers at confirmation of the order (in your emails)

  • Let them know whether you require a one-man, two-man, white glove or multi-story apartment service by doing the following


STEPS to contact the seller:

  1. Log in to your Vinterior account

  2. Go to "My Orders" and click on the relevant order

  3. Click "Contact Seller”

  4. Leave your request there.

  5. You will be notified via an automated Vinterior email when the seller answers

TIPS to chase an unresponsive seller:

  • If the seller does not reply within 48 hours: you can click the “Generate Report” button found on the order conversation via Vinterior and the Vinterior team will be notified to get in touch

  • Alternatively, email and we can send the seller a message, email, text or a call if necessary.