This article offers individual sellers guidance on shipping furniture items. This guide can be referred to when the item cannot be shipped with our Proovia delivery service due to the item going to or from a postcode not currently covered.

For a guide on packaging and shipping small items that can be sent via post, please refer to this article here.

Shipping via a courier

1. Choose a courier

You may want to contact several couriers to compare their services, prices, and insurance policies.

Consider the following questions to help you choose:

  • Does the shipper collect and deliver items from (your address/ buyer’s address)?
  • How much would it cost to ship the item?
  • Does the shipper provide packaging services, or would I need to package the item myself?
  • What insurance coverage does the shipper offer? (Insurance compensates for any damage during transit).
  • Can the shipper deliver to the buyer's preferred room and up a flight of stairs?

We recommend choosing a courier that offers packaging services. You are liable for the safe delivery of your item so always insure your items against damage so that you can raise a claim with them if needed.

Tip: Check the courier's reviews and read if other customers have had positive experiences.

Recommended couriers

To save you time, here are some couriers recommended by our seller community.

Addison Lee London 

Parcel, small van and large van services available, including 'same-day delivery'.


“We collect, store and deliver making storing your items hassle-free and low-cost. With over 40 facilities, we cover the whole of the UK.” Instant quotations are available.

Clintopia Transport 

UK-based company that transports all around the UK 

Tel: +4420 3617 4242 

Mango Logistics Group 

"Based in Central London with a wide range of vehicles delivering same day across all London Postcodes and beyond if required. We also have an integrated overnight courier service as well, along with warehousing/storage in Bermondsey."

Central London Office: +44 (0)20 7713 2000 | Mobile: +44 (0)7341774074 

PJ Parcels 

+447521 978688 


“Complete one simple form and quotes come to you via email. Hassle-free, no phone calls required.”

2. Add the shipping cost to your listing

Once you’ve chosen a courier, add the delivery cost to your listing in the Delivery section. As a reminder, you will only be able to add this if your item cannot be shipped via our delivery service with Proovia.

The delivery price will be charged to the buyer and refunded back to you in the payout process.

3. After you have sold your item

  1. Contact the courier to arrange collection and delivery.
  2. Follow the courier's packaging instructions. If they require you to package the item, do so. If the item is only insured when packaged by the courier, leave the packaging to them.
  3. Keep your customer updated throughout the process using the in-platform messaging inbox.
  4. Mark the item as dispatched on Vinterior once the courier has collected the item.

Need help?

If you have any questions, please reach out to for support. We wish you a smooth shipping experience with your chosen delivery method.