Sellers have 72 hours to review your order and to confirm availability and shipping cost.


Reasons for seller not to confirm in the time frame:

  • Could not find a delivery quote or working courier in time

  • Was not available to confirm the order over the weekend

  • Personal circumstances

  • Verifying availability: if the item was sold on another online platform or in their store


If you were in touch with the seller and still wish to purchase, you can reinstate the order.


STEPS to reinstate an order:

  1. You or the seller contacts letting us know the item is available

  2. Vinterior gets in touch with the seller to confirm the item price and delivery price

  3. Vinterior contacts you asking your confirmation to charge your card

  4. Vinterior updates the order for you


This can be handled quickly and easily for you to ensure the seller organises delivery and you receive your item. 

Contact if you have any questions.