After recently launching Vinterior Resale, we now have 2 different types of sellers at Vinterior. 

Professional Sellers

Our professional sellers on Vinterior are trusted furniture dealers and are established antique/vintage businesses that sell curated pieces through Vinterior. They have gone through a lengthy application process and have been assessed on a 1-1 basis by our dedicated supply team. 


This is a new type of seller at Vinterior. Resellers are UK-based individual sellers who can sell to UK buyers via Vinterior. Resale allows anyone to sell their vintage and pre-loved treasures on Vinterior which has long been awaited by our buyers. 

How do I know who is a professional seller and who is a reseller?

Resale items are shown under the resale tab on the site's navigation bar and can be found via the search engine. They are clearly marked with the ‘RESALE’ tag at the top right-hand corner of the listings as shown below:

All other items on Vinterior that do not feature this tag are from our professional sellers.