As part of our mission to inspire millions to choose preowned, we have launched a new website feature on the platform, Vinterior Resale, which allows registered buyers to sell their vintage and pre-loved finds on Vinterior. These non-professional sellers will be referred to as resellers.

Why have we added this feature?

We aim to boost brand awareness and exposure for the platform, ultimately growing Vinterior by attracting a new and wider audience. As a result, we expect higher traffic and sales for industry experts like you.

What will be the differences between seller types?

Our professional seller community will have exposure benefits and exclusive tools unavailable to Vinterior resellers.

  • Extra exposure: Professional seller listings are promoted more in our marketing initiatives.
  • Lower fees: Professional sellers will have a lower commission than Vinterior resellers.
  • Exclusive tools: Professional sellers will have access to tools not available to resellers:
  • Less restricted: Professional sellers can be located across the UK and EU, and can choose their preferred delivery service. Resellers will be GB based and will have to use our Proovia service for delivery for larger items.

Will resale listings appear the same way to customers? 

No, Vinterior resale listings will have a ‘reseller’ banner on their listings, so customers can differentiate between listing types.

Will Vinterior maintain the same quality of items?

Item quality is important to us at Vinterior. We will carefully curate reseller listings to ensure that they meet our quality standards