As of April 2023, we're launching ‘Vinterior Resale’ to allow buyers to sell their vintage and pre-loved treasures on Vinterior. This article will explain what items can and cannot be listed by individual sellers on Vinterior. 

How can I create a listing?

You can list an item any time using our quick and easy listing form, which you can access here after logging into your account.

What items can be listed on ‘Vinterior Resale’? 

  • We accept all quality pre-owned furniture pieces; contemporary, vintage, and antique.
  • Items from UK-based sellers (please see a list of postcode exclusions here)
  • Furniture items categorised as categorised as ‘Medium’, ‘Large’, or ‘Extra-Large’ per our delivery size category grid
  • Items under £5000.

What are Vinterior's condition guidelines? 

Please make sure to accurately list your items and choose their condition to describe their wear and tear accurately. Here are all of Vinterior's item conditions in more detail:


Shows little to no signs of wear and tear.


May show slight traces of use in keeping with age. Most vintage and antique items fit into this condition.


Likely to show signs of some light scratching and ageing but still remains in a fair condition.

Vinterior note:

Please note that by selling on Vinterior, you agree to our Return & Cancellation Policy and take responsibility for any item's return if its condition is significantly worse than your listing suggested.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Upload pictures of any item flaws that are easily visible, like scuffs, stains, any missing parts, cracks, fading, or discolouration.

What items can't be listed on ‘Vinterior Resale’? 

  • Listings from sellers outside of GB
  • Listings categorized as ‘small’ per our delivery size category grid
  • Listings over £5000
  • Listings that do not fit Vinterior's product range as per our listing curation guidelines
  • Listings with poor-quality photographs or watermarked images. See our photography tips here.

If Vinterior's Curation Team have rejected one of your listings, you can read more about rejection reasons and the next steps here.