Service Fee

  • Vinterior's service fee does include VAT. 


  • Vinterior proformas are not commercial invoices, they are just quotations for payment. Therefore, the prices listed on the proforma do not represent or reflect the VAT. 


  • Your final commercial VAT invoice(s) (if applicable) for any items purchased on Vinterior is to be provided by the sellers. This is because the sale is between you and the seller, and Vinterior is the platform through which the sale is made. 
  • However, if you require a VAT invoice for our service fee, Vinterior can provide you with one of these.
  • Vinterior can generate VAT invoice on behalf of the seller. 
  • The VAT invoices provided (item price, delivery, and service fee) add up to the order total.


  • All prices listed on our site are the final quoted prices inc VAT or no VAT. As you know, it is best to double-check whether the items include VAT before purchasing your items, or Vinterior can check this for you if requested.