What is Vinterior’s Trade Program?


If you work in the design industry you can apply to a Trade account on Vinterior.

Being a trade buyer is free and provides many benefits. Becoming a member of the Trade Program on Vinterior has the following advantages:


  • More payment options: You can either choose card payment or bank transfer. They can choose either option at checkout. Bank transfer does not require immediate payment upon confirming the order. You will receive a proforma following the order which can allow you to liaise with your Accounts team

  • Reservation feature: You can do this by clicking on "Ask the Seller a Question" on the item listing of your choice, and choosing from the drop-down list "Request to Reserve this Item"

  • Trade discounts: Sellers may offer Trade discounts on their items. If you cannot see a trade price, you are welcome to click "Ask the Seller a question" on the item listing of your choice to see if they would consider a trade discount

  • VAT invoices:  You can request VAT invoices directly to the seller following the confirmation of the order. 


You can apply for the Vinterior Trade Program here, where our dedicated team member checks the applications every day!