Last updated 14th January 2021

If you wish to place an order cross-borders (when you are based in the UK and buys an item located in the EU or vice and versa), these are the few things you need to know:

1. You can still place orders on Vinterior:

Most Vinterior sellers will continue conducting business internationally. 

We are communicating closely with our sellers to make sure that any change with the new regulations would not impact your experience. 

=> You can buy with confidence from our trusted UK and EU sellers that have anticipated and prepared ahead for these changes.

2. You will pay import VAT if you are importing:

As the UK has left the EU, custom clearances and import VAT are now applicable to some items. Import VAT is usually claimed when the item goes through customs but in some cases are included in the shipping price.

We recommend you get in touch with the sellers regarding the import VAT as the export is in their hands. 

3. You may experience some delays:

With new custom clearances between the UK and the rest of the EU, there may be slight delays with the delivery of your item.

Feel free to contact the sellers to request an update on the delivery timelines.

=> If you are on a tight deadline for delivery, we would recommend you buy locally in January to avoid delays.

4. You should not pay customs charges:

As the EU and the UK reached a "Deal", there should not be any additional customs charges.

The authorities are currently working on the details of the agreement and we will keep a close eye on it to keep you updated.