You are on a listing, and the below appears. What does it mean?

Have a look below to ensure you feel confident with the checkout process at Vinterior.

What this article covers

  • What is it?
  • What happens when I checkout with an estimated delivery quote?
  • How to find an accurate delivery quote?

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What is an estimated delivery quote?

Vinterior offers an estimated quote for buyers to have a rough understanding of the cost of delivery. This is an estimate that is updated occasionally to maintain accuracy. The estimates are made on distance and size, taking into account the scale of the item.
Unless the seller adds their own delivery estimates, our platform will automatically allocate these estimates based on the item's size. 

What happens when I checkout with an estimated delivery quote?

If you saw an estimated price on the listing, we let buyers know the following on the listing:
  • The information on the listing is an estimate only and is based upon front-door delivery. Final rates vary by destination and complexity. To get an accurate delivery quote suited to your needs, please request a quote.
  • To get in touch with the seller pre-sale, click "Ask the seller" on the listing, so you are confident and happy making your purchase!
  • At checkout, we state, "Delivery costs: To be confirmed. You will receive the final delivery price once the seller has confirmed your order." 
  • This is also reiterated via email in your order summary, so you do not feel misled during your checkout process.

But I want to get an accurate delivery quote?

  • Click ‘Ask the seller’: You can contact the seller directly on the listing page to find an exact delivery price to your city/country.
  • Describe your requirements: State whether you require a 2-man courier service or live in a multi-story apartment. This will help the seller send you an accurate price and avoid any disappointment on your side.
  • Provide specific delivery dates: you should let the seller know as soon as possible to help him/her arrange it. Some sellers are happy to accommodate you if the shipping or storage time is reasonable.
  • Organise your own delivery: If the seller cannot deliver, you are more than welcome to organise a collection with your own shipper.