So, you've placed your Vinterior order, but what next? This article will take you through the different statuses of your order: Placed, Confirmed, Dispatched. It will also look at the post-purchase experience for Guest Buyers on Vinterior. 

Your order statuses: Placed, Confirmed, Dispatched

Placed to Confirmed 

  • After you have placed your order on Vinterior, the seller will confirm the item's availability and add the shipping final costs (they have 72 hours in which to do this). 
  • Once confirmed, you will be charged for the delivery unless a pre-sale agreement was made for the delivery to be free or for the item to be collected, for example. (Shipping costs are charged to the payment card used to make the purchase.)
  • You will receive a confirmation email for your order outlining the shipping amount and payment method. 

Confirmed to Dispatched

  • Once the seller has dispatched your item, they will update the status of your order to 'Dispatched'. Vinterior will notify you about this via email. The email's subject title will be: “Your Vinterior order has been updated - ORDER REFERENCE NUMBER”.

Guest Buyers: How to log into Vinterior to view your order

If you cannot find your order on the Vinterior, it is likely because you check out as a guest buyer without making an account on the platform. This means that your order will not be connected to a Vinterior account and that you cannot contact the seller to communicate with them regarding your order.
Having a Vinterior account allows the following;
  • Communication with the seller
  • Seeing the status of your order
  • The ability to create wish lists

It's very easy to connect your order to a Vinterior account; just follow the instructions in your confirmation email for your order and do the below;
  • Find the confirmation email with the subject title ‘Your Vinterior order has been updated - Number of Order’.
  • Find “Create an Account” in the email instructions.
  • Set up your Vinterior account, and your order will automatically be there (it might take a few minutes to update).
  • Email if you have any problems finding your order, and we can quickly fix this for you.

Vinterior Tip:

For guidance on how to contact a seller, please see the following article ifClick Here