You might receive an email from Vinterior stating that your order was auto-cancelled and that you have been refunded for your order.

Why does this happen?

Vinterior allows sellers 72 hours to confirm their sales. This is because when they receive the order details, they then receive your delivery address. 

A lot of our sellers are small-scale, independent businesses who must get in touch with their local courier to arrange a suitable quote for your order.

While sellers have an active account on Vinterior, sometimes they can't be present to confirm an order. Here are some of the following reasons they can't confirm an order;

  • Personal circumstances
  • (Covid-19) Temporary closure
  • Could not find a courier quote to organise and charge you
  • Visited their warehouse and could not find the item in storage

Why do we do this?

This is simply a protective measure from Vinterior to ensure that if you made payment on the platform, your order is acknowledged and then organised to be delivered.

We would not want you to pay online, only for the seller to never confirm your order and update the status two months later stating it is no longer available.

This is Vinterior's method to ensure that the seller updates their inventory on Vinterior on a daily basis in addition to being active on the platform for their customers.

But I want the item, is this possible?

Of course! If you let us know at, we can organise this for you.

  • Vinterior ges in touch with the seller asking if the item is still available
  • The seller confirms the item price and delivery price
  • We ask your permission to charge your card, as you would have been automatically refunded
  • We reinstate the order
  • The order is updated and you can then prepare to receive your item