Vinterior understands that while you wish to purchase during Covid-19, you might want to return your item.

While our 14-day return policy stays the same, the item does not need to be physically received and inspected by the seller within a strict 14 day period.

For example, within 14 days, if you can confirm that a return delivery has been arranged then this is sufficient.

All items are inspected on return by the seller.  Once the item is returned to the seller in the same condition, the seller will confirm receipt and refund the Customer. Please note that there might be some delay for the seller to visit the premises where the item is delivered as a result of Covid-19.

Important to know about delivery

With the current delivery regulations, returns shipments can be also be delayed. Please contact the seller or the Vinterior Customer support flag any potential delays or difficulties to return an item.

Please bear in mind that delivery services have increased their cost and that delays have to be expected across industries.

Here are the steps to follow to arrange a return:

  1. Request a quote to your local shipper
  2. Liaise with the seller on Vinterior is any delay is forecasted 
  3. Should there be any further issues, please contact us at

See Vinterior’s Returns policy here

Please note that in the UK, drivers are allowed to deliver furniture and that trucks will not be stopped by the authorities. You should therefore not have any delivery restrictions in the UK - Update from the 14th April

Have a question? Email the team at
 or leave a message on our Chat via the Vinterior website.