Payments on Vinterior are fully secured, in this article, we look at:

  1. Payment methods available on Vinterior
  2. Payment process and updates for an order
  3. Payment protections as a buyer
  4. When we pay sellers

1. Payment methods available on Vinterior

We currently offer Mastercard, American Express, Visa, Google Pay and Apple Pay on Vinterior.

We do not accept deposits or cheques.

Having issues checking out? Contact and we will assist you in no less than 15 hours.

TIPS  - How to ensure you have a smooth transaction on Vinterior

  1. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account
  2. For furniture, payments can be larger than usual. Ensure your bank is up to date as they can block the payment. If the payment is block, simply get in touch with them to allow this one-off payment.
  3. Ensure your billing address is the same as the billing address on your card

2. Payment process and updates for an order

After you have placed your order, the seller will confirm availability and add the shipping costs (within 72 hours).


When the seller has confirmed the order and added shipping costs, you will receive

confirmation email for your order outlining the shipping amount and payment method.


Shipping costs are charged to the payment card used to make the purchase.


Two separate payments are made for your protection, should there be any issues with

delivery, and should a return request be made. 

Please see our Knowledge Pages on Returns and Cancellations to find out more. 



3. Payment protections as a buyer


Buying online can be daunting, especially when your item of interest is fragile and high in value. 


What can the Vinterior team do for you if you make payment through the platform?


  • Your payment through Vinterior is protected and monitored to ensure that, should there be a dispute, your funds are in a safe place.
  • Is the seller not replying? We can send them an email, message, text or call if needed
  • If your item is damaged in transit or misleading, we will assist to finding an amicable solution for all parties involved or ensure a smooth return.


4. When we pay sellers


The seller does not receive immediate payment. They are paid 14 days after the item has been marked as dispatched on Vinterior.


TIPS  How to protect your purchase on Vinterior


  1. Do not purchase outside of Vinterior. This is for your protection and to ensure your payment is monitored and assisted to by Vinterior. If there is an issue with your Vinterior, such as a damaged item, Vinterior cannot unfortunately assist if the order is made outside the platform.

  2.  If a seller encourages you to purchase outside Vinterior, please contact as soon as possible.