Buying online can be daunting, especially when your item of interest is unique, fragile,  high in value, and that you don’t know the seller. 


  • Professionals only: Vinterior advertises a curated selection of items from trusted  furniture dealers

  • Application process: Their applications are assessed on a 1-to-1 basis. We select them on the quality of their inventory and service and review them regularly.

  • Security guaranteed: We have access to the seller’s personal information, payment information and business information

  • All listings are reviewed: We upload and approve their listings on a 1-to-1 basis, to ensure that the descriptions, photographs and accuracy are the best to their ability.


Please note we don't purchase any items to sell on the Vinterior platform. All the items are sold by the dealers directly


TIPS to sell your own items outside of Vinterior


Vinterior advertises a curated selection of items from trusted and professional furniture dealers only. 

We don't purchase any items to sell and therefore we wouldn't be able to help unfortunately.


We would recommend looking for furniture dealers in your local area. Finding dealers local to you will enable you to get the best possible price due to the low transport costs. Google search would be a good place to start!



If you are a professional dealer interested in selling on Vinterior, please apply here!