This article shows the following;

1.Information available on a listing

2.The Government Guidelines

3.How to receive your item

As travels are currently regulated throughout parts of the world, there might be delays in delivery. 

We recommend you source from local dealers to minimize the risks of a delay and meet your deadlines.

If you need assistance finding products from local dealers, you can view the city where the item is located on the listing page directly.

1. Information available on a listing ( see on the image below! ) 

  • Look at the location of the item: This will determine if it involves a high risk journey.
  • Look at the seller delivery information: They will likely have updated their delivery information to ensure the item arrives safely to you.
  • See if the seller is in Holiday Mode: This means that they will not be available to confirm your orders, organise delivery, and will respond slower to your item enquiries. This will show on any listings under the seller’s account
  • Talk to the seller on the listing pre-sale: Click ‘Ask the seller a question’ on the Product Page and add your city and country. Agree on a preferred delivery method that suits both parties.  Mention if you live in a multi-story apartment or if you need a two-man service, for example

2. The Government Guidelines:

Please note that in the UK, drivers are allowed to deliver furniture and that trucks will not be stopped by the authorities. You should therefore not have any delivery restrictions in the UK

  • Many couriers are still operating according to Government guidelines. 
  • The severity of the restrictions imposed in each country is different, so please ensure you are up to date with the latest Government advice within your country.

3. How to receive your item:

  • When receiving an item to your premises, the courier must maintain a minimum distance of 2m from any person(s) on site
  • Couriers must insist on delivery to the front-door only, maintaining a minimum distance of 2 metres from any person(s) at the delivery address.
  • Physical signing of delivery slips should be avoided. Please ask the seller to find an alternative proof of delivery processes available.
  • Couriers should wear protective gloves when handling all pieces of furniture. Hand sanitizers should be used before and after every new job.
  • Remove and dispose of all wrapping/packing before the item is handled by person(s) at the delivery address. 

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