In uncertain times, Vinterior wants to make sure you feel safe and confident making online purchases.

Sales are prospering on Vinterior in a safe and cautious manner, as many of you wish to focus your time on your home and your office. Have a look at our guides below to understand how to purchase on Vinterior.

  • Look at the location of the item: This will determine if it involves a high risk journey.

  • Look at the seller delivery information: They will likely have updated their delivery information to ensure the item arrives safely to you.

  • See if the seller is in Holiday Mode: This means that they will not be available to confirm your orders, organise delivery, and will respond slower to your item enquiries. This will show on any listings under the seller’s account

  • Talk to the seller on the listing pre-sale: Click ‘Ask the seller a question’ on the Product Page and add your city and country. Agree on a preferred delivery method that suits both parties.  Mention if you live in a multi-story apartment or if you need a two-man service, for example

See below where to find this information on the listing