This article covers everything you need to know about post-sale delivery information:

1. What you receive after confirming your purchase. 

2. How to contact the seller.

3. The different types of delivery chosen by the sellers.

4. Where to find delivery information on the listing.

5. Finding details provided by the seller on your order.


1. Confirming your purchase

After you have placed your order, the seller will confirm availability and add the shipping costs (within 72 hours).


When the seller has confirmed the order and added shipping costs, you will receive a confirmation email for your order outlining the shipping amount and payment method.


Shipping costs are charged to the payment card used to make the purchase. If you disagree with the delivery cost, please rest assured that you can quickly cancel the order before it is dispatched for a full refund. For any specific requirements or questions, please contact the seller directly.


2. How to contact the seller

Steps to contact the seller:

  1. Log in to your Vinterior account.
  2. Go to My Inbox in the top right-hand corner dropdown options list.


  3. Go to My Orders and click on the relevant orders.
  4. Click "Contact Seller" or "See Thread".

When the seller replies, it will leave a thread so you can come back to it for reference. You should also be notified via an automated Vinterior email when the seller gets in touch

3. The different types of delivery chosen by the sellers

Knowing how the seller plans to deliver your item is important to ensure that you are prepared to receive it, and that you know your item will be in trusted hands.


Some of our sellers choose to deliver the item personally to you, whereas some choose to use commercial couriers. Give the seller a message to check how they plan to deliver to you. 

Types of couriers often used on Vinterior:

  • Curbside service. This is the most popular and common service as it is the most affordable price.

  • White glove service is a method of shipping of products that need more attention due to their size, value or fragility.

  • 1 man service.

  • 2 man service.

  • Personally delivered by the seller.

  • Commercial services such as AnyVan or MagicMovers. 


4. Where to find delivery information on the listing

Before placing your order:

  1. Click “Ask the Seller a Question” on the listing to agree on a fixed delivery price and service.

  2. State to the seller your personal requirements, such as whether you live in a multi-story apartment or whether you need assistance to carry the item in your home.

5. Where can I find delivery information?

You can find this information on the listing of your item, as shown in the photographs below:

6. Finding details provided by the seller on your order

After the seller has received your Placed order and Confirmed it, they will update the order with delivery information. 

This will be sent via an email under the subject title “Your Vinterior purchase has been updated - ORDER REFERENCE NUMBER”